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Exhibitor FAQ's

Is this the first year "Our Show" is being held? 
Yes, February 2025 is the premier show.  The cancellation of the American Handcrafted show in Philadelphia is a loss that continues to be felt by both
Artist and Buyer.  We are working to create a new opportunity for handcrafted artists and a new tradeshow experience for buyers.  

Why these dates and location?
The date and place were chosen to align with the ACC show. This will allow artists to participate in a dedicated wholesale show prior to exhibiting at the
retail show.  ACC no longer offers wholesale shopping days, but the buyers we surveyed said they still attend that show, particularly those looking for fine craft.  We feel strongly that they'll attend our show, and order from our exhibitors before they walk the ACC show.  The Renaissance offers a convenient location, load in, beautiful ballroom setting, parking nearby, and a great room rate. As a bonus, they've extended our special rate to 3 days before and after the show dates!  So, for both artists and buyers, we've taken the guess work out of where to stay.

What does a booth cost?
Keeping the goal of affordability and artists needs in mind, our show will offer a variety of booth options ranging from 8X10 traditional pipe and drape booths to 5X10, and tabletop exhibit space.  There will be a limited number of corner booths available. Package prices will range from $1,200 to $2,800.  We're
also working on a "travelers' package" that will include lodging.  Complete details about the booth packages, pricing, and set-up will be provided upon acceptance of the exhibitor application. 

Why no 10X10 booth option?
It's a matter of "weighing" the benefits.  Many of the buyers we surveyed said they need to see at least 150 artists to justify their travel time, and in order to accommodate that many artists the booth size needed to shrink a bit.  The alternative of fewer, but larger spaces, would also increase the overall booth price for this year's show.  As we grow beyond this first year, we hope to offer more options. 

Who is eligible to apply?
Participation is open to artists and makers who create quality work of original design.  Studio production must be done under the direct supervision of
the applicant, no resell or embellished items will be allowed. The applicant must be 18 years old or older at the time of the show, and must also reside in the United States, U.S territories, or Canada.  We may ask for additional documentary evidence of the production process at any time prior to, or at the show. 

Are first time exhibitors eligible?
Yes, emerging artists are encouraged to apply, and we'll be putting together a "training course" to help you prepare for your first wholesale show! 

How do I apply? 
That's easy ....... click here 


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